Beydodo Stainless Steel Anklet For Women (Anklet Chain) Extendable & Adjustable Chain Wedding 25CM,Silver

Beydodo Stainless Steel Anklet For Women (Anklet Chain) Extendable & Adjustable Chain Wedding 25CM,Silver
  • Stainless Steel don’t fade and seldom need to maintain it looking new.Leisure accessories best for daily wearing.Delicate Jewelry inspire your confidence and courage.
  • the most important thing is,because of foot position in the lower part of the body and therefore prevents the chain from being thieves.
  • Wear anklets can get good luck, it is said that Worn on the left foot—- anti-villain, worn on the right foot —- Lucky.
  • old legend:if you boyfriend/husband help his lover to put on the anklet bracelet,and the next life,he will find the girl and get married.Let love continue into the next life.
  • The meaning of wearing the anklet is to leash this life,tied afterlife.If you have any question or suggestion,please contact with us by e-mail.

Origin:Anklet Chains from the Hawaii.Flowers short necklace hangs on my feet, which inadvertently invented today’s foot chains.In recent years, the chains soon swept the Southeast Asian region, and spread to the world and become the new favorite accessories.
Particularly in the summer,you can choose to wear the anklet, apply a layer of Nail Polish, put on a beautiful pair of shoes,you can show your unique beauty.
In the hot summer,when playing on the beach,wearing chains,can show your feet beautiful Brilliantly and effectively,So that we are full of confidence.♥

The brand “BEYDODO” originates from the word “Beyond” and “Dodo” combining with “I do”. ♥
“BEY” is inspired by “Beyond” which means surpassing. We are affected by Beyond bands Songs, a Hong Kong band called “Beyond” in China (the band has written the song “Glorious Days” for Nelson Mandela to eulogize love and equality). Beydodo hopes to give this spirit to its products by conveying love and positive energy.♥
“DODO”comes from the loyal love between Dodo and Calvaria,which is the same as BEYDODO’s love toward its customers. The jewelry design of BEYDODO conveys its regard to love and its desire that every Jack should have his Jill. In the meanwhile, it appeals for attention to environment protection.♥
“DO”comes from the promise of “I Do”. BEYDODO says this vow “I Do” to its customers, being together with its customers. We would do everything we could to be better, to solve every problem. BEYDODO hopes we could be together forever since the time we said “I Do”.♥
♥The products of BEYDODOare materially, but its meaning is spiritually. BEYDODO conveys you our love by its products. BEYDODO would like to convey your love to your lover, your friend and your family.♥
Let love pass on — BEYDODO

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