Davina-The Vampire Twin’s Bride: Vampire, Witches, Secret Baby Romance

Davina-The Vampire Twin's Bride: Vampire, Witches, Secret Baby Romance

When the grief-stricken Davina has lured away from her parents’ double wake to a magical world she faces a choice she could have never imagined. She must find her place in the Summerlands and choose the next king. Damien and Levi, the twin vampire princes Davina must choose from, aren’t about to make her decision an easy one. Each has been raised to be king but Davina alone can decide their fate.

How is she supposed to crown a king when she’s not even sure where she is? Davina is quickly caught in between the brothers’ warring affections. Both will stop at nothing to be the king of her heart. Now, she must decide between the mischievous Levi with his heart of gold or Damien, the bad boy with a flying motorcycle who promises to put the world at her fingertips.

Author Notes: This story is a spin-off from “The Vampire King’s Secret Baby”. Davina can also be read as a stand alone. This is a HEA story for 18+ only

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