Flora Girl’s 2-Hoop 1 Net Petticoat/Child Underskirt/Bridesmaid Skirt,32″L

Flora Girl's 2-Hoop 1 Net Petticoat/Child Underskirt/Bridesmaid Skirt,32
  • White in Colour,Drop Length (waist to LACE hem): approx. 80cm-82cm/31″-32″
  • 2 Hoops are made of light-weight metal bones,which could be removed to turn into hoopless petticoat or could be adjusted to match the flared effect of dress.
  • Made of 100% SOFT Polyester lining to prevent scratching and 1 layer of net prevents the hoop feature being seen through
  • Flexible drawstring waistband,more comfortable & Finished with 1″ lace hem for added beauty
  • Can be flat packed for travelling(item would be delivered in flat pack, please be cautious of the hoops sprung up when unpacking)

This is a Brand New GIRL 2 hoop 1 layer netting petticoat. It is the perfect accompaniment for any kid’s full-skirted dress,giving extra fullness and a perfect shape. Ideal for the flower girl dress, communion dress and dance wear.Definitely an essential accessory for the wedding,communion and school shows. –Size & Dimensions: Note: Kid’s age is just for reference,pls do check whether the waist measurement & drop length are covered for her dress * Waist: up to 95cm/37.5″ * Drop Length (waist to LACE hem): approx. 80cm-82cm/31″-32″ * Max.Diameter of bottom hoop: approx.65cm/25.5″(across the bottom hoop) * Circumference of bottom hoop:approx.204cm/80″(around the bottom hoop)

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