Knee Cushion by Cush Comfort – Extended Length Spinal Alignment Leg Positioner Pillow

Knee Cushion by Cush Comfort - Extended Length Spinal Alignment Leg Positioner Pillow
  • INSTANT RELIEF – Get relief from hip, back, and sciatic nerve pain with the only full spectrum support leg pillow.
  • FULL SUPPORT – The only leg pillow that provides thigh, knee, AND calf support. Ergonomically designed for full mobility to allow you to bend or straighten your legs while fully supported- just like you already do with your pillow.
  • SUPER SOFT – Ultra thick washable cotton cover for a leg pillow that actually feels like it belongs in your bed (and not in a physical therapy studio!)
  • FEELS GREAT – Pure memory foam material feels soft but provides real orthopedic support once compressed. It can take whatever squeezing your legs can dish out.
  • FULL GUARANTEE – We are real people here at Cush and we are here to support you. Your Cush Knee Support Pillow is fully guaranteed and can be returned any time no questions asked.

Enjoy the benefits of side-sleeping without the pain.

Side sleeping has awesome advantages including:

  • Reducing snoring
  • Keeping airways open
  • Preventing spine twisting

The problem is that sleeping on your side can lead to back pain due to tension and strain from leg misalignment.

Standard Knee Pillows only solve half the problem!
Normal knee pillows either provide support in the thigh OR calf area. Because of this, they only solve half the problem and can leave you with a new kind of pain. The Cush Comfort proprietary “wave contour” allows for full spectrum support and alignment without locking your legs in place.

Full mobility AND full support.
Using the Cush Comfort “wave contour” design, our engineers have developed a shape that allows your legs to be bent or straightened with ease, all while maintaining full spectrum support.

Feels and looks like it belongs in your bed, NOT in a hospital!
No one likes to feel like they are using cold, hard physical therapy products in their bed. Your Cush Knee Pillow just feels like it belongs in your bed. With double-thick cotton “mini-quilt” fabric, and 100% pure heat-responsive memory foam, you will quickly become addicted to giving your Cush Knee Pillow a nice firm leg-squeeze.

Lifetime 100% Moneyback Guarantee.
Here at Cush Comfort, we design products with the most important people in mind: our moms. If our products are good enough for our moms, they are good enough for everyone on earth. We fully back the products we produce and we stand behind them. Shoot us a message any time and a real person will respond within a day 🙂

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