Merry Style Women’s Hold Up Stockings Bridal Stockings MS 191 20 DEN (White, M/L)

Merry Style Women's Hold Up Stockings Bridal Stockings MS 191 20 DEN (White, M/L)
  • Patterned stockings; Thickness of 20 DEN; With the addition of Lycra® fibers
  • Decorative lace trim; On silicone; Clear
  • The ideal accessory for a wedding dress
  • Made from durable, flexible material which is very pleasant to the touch
  • Made in EU

Sleek and durable stockings designed specifically for young women. The original Lycra® fibers have a large stretching capacity (up to 600%) and is able to return to its original shape. Thanks to this the stockings are resilient, durable, and perfectly fit to the body. Finished with soft, elegant lace with a width of about 9 centimeters. With a double silicone waist band. Merry Style brand products guarantee style, quality, and comfort. Material of the highest quality go hand in hand with precise and solid workmanship and stylish designs. Colors displayed may vary slightly from depictions on the monitor due to screen differences. Material Composition: 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane

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