How To Find The Perfect Venue For Your Wedding

wedding venue photo
Photo by Wedding Photography by Jon Day

Choosing where to spend this important day is one of the most crucial, and definitely one of the hardest, decisions when planning your wedding. So here are a few tips to help you on your search for the perfect venue for your big day.

1. Choose a wedding date

Couples usually choose a significant day for their wedding. This may be the date of the first time you met, a special holiday or a lucky number, nevertheless, this will greatly affect your choice of venue. If you choose to get married a specific day, you will need to find a venue that is not yet booked. However, if you can be flexible and have only decided on a season or a month to hold your wedding, then you can ask for the venue’s availability.

2. Decide on your budget

You and your fiancé should decide on how much you are willing to spend on your venue. Take into consideration the number of people you want to invite and the facilities you will need. Determining your budget early on will narrow down your search.

3. Settle on a general geographical location

If your families are coming from different states or countries, one consideration is the accessibility of the location. Whether you choose to hold your wedding in the city or out of town, the geographical location will affect how visitors will travel. This will also help you decide if you will need to provide transportation or if everyone can drive there on their own.

4. Choose a location based on your wedding theme

If you have already decided on a theme for your wedding, look for a venue that matches your chosen theme. Whether it is traditional or informal, your chosen location should add to the general ambiance you want to achieve and help set the right atmosphere on your wedding day.

5. Research, research, research

To find the perfect location for your wedding, be prepared to do a lot of research. There may be venues that you love but are already fully-booked or may not have enough facilities to cater to your needs so you need to have patience. Just keep on doing your research and you will eventually find the perfect venue for your wedding.